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While the actual playing of golf is extremely important, I can't think of anything more important than the actual golf course itself. Obviously, without the golf course, there would be no golf, and there would be no place to show off that brand new $1,000 set of irons you just blew half your vacation fund on. Golf courses come in many shapes and sizes; big and small, short and tall (the trees, I mean). They can be a majestic oasis with grass as green as the envy of the individuals that can't afford to play on them, or they can be a despicable wasteland with more patches of dead grass than you would care to try to hit your ball off of. Of course, those are the two extreme ends of the golf course spectrum, with all the other courses falling in-between them. Granted there are thousands and thousands of courses around the world, with half of them being in the United States alone, there are a select few that rise above the rest.

Marion Oaks Country Club

Huntington Golf Club

Reems Creek Golf Club

The Club at Runaway Bay

Warrior Custom Golf : Donald Trump denounces Obamacare, while touting his golf course in Florida - CBS News

Fox News

Donald Trump denounces Obamacare, while touting his golf course in Florida
CBS News
Flanked by dozens of his employees at Trump National Doral golf course in Florida, the Republican nominee seized on Monday's announcement that Obamacare premiums would increase by double digits. ‚ÄúThis election is going to be about Obamacare -- it's ...
Trump Blasts Obamacare At His Miami Golf Course But Misstates Employees' CoverageWUWM

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